Revealing Characters & Face to Face

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Revealing Characters & Face to Face

Portraiture is the theme of our major new exhibition. Drawn entirely from Dundee’s nationally significant fine art collection, the works selected will form two separate displays – Revealing Characters and Face to Face.

In our twentieth century gallery, Revealing Characters looks at the enduring attraction of the portrait. Here we dig beneath the surface to uncover the stories of the people on display. All are individuals who have made their mark – their portraits a record of their contact, however fleeting, with an artist. As photography replaced the need to record what someone looked like, artists adapted. Their skills are used to capture more than a likeness, using the human face to explore their own artistic expression as well as the emotional life of the sitter.

The selection of works reflects the diverse range of artistic styles and approaches taken by artists in their challenge to represent their sitters and keep them real. From the painterly to the photographic, works include Stewart Carmichael’s affectionate portrayal of his wife and Wolfgang Tillman’s sophisticated selfie.

Face to Face unites the great and good of Victorian Dundee with more contemporary individuals. From provosts to posers we consider what makes a successful portrait and how we can learn more about the sitter than what they look like.

Also included is our contribution for the Scotland’s Year of Young People which features a special display of portraits of children and young people by celebrated photographer Joseph McKenzie.

Admission Free. Opening Times: Mon to Sat 10am-5pm; Sun 12.30-4.30pm.

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Stewart Carmichael, The Artist’s Wife, oil, 1897
© Dundee City Council (Dundee Art Galleries and Museums)

Joe McKenzie, …Cuffed? Dundee 1973,
©The Joseph McKenzie Archive

Exhibition Dates: 
Revealing Characters – Fri 26 January continuing throughout 2018 Face to Face – Fri 26 January to Sun 20 May 2018
The McManus: Dundee’s Art Gallery & Museum
Exhibition Contact: 
01382 307200
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